Let our EX-Google and Bing engineers make you shine like a nickel


Bellevue Public Relations, Inc. specializes in online identity management and brand management and protecting brands on all search engines, and we do it with precision so surgical it will blow your mind.

Internet Experience

Our team has a combined 45 years of experience in both coding and PR. With personal contacts of numerous Editors from every Press sector in the nation, as well as engineers at Google, we can get news stories to stick on national magazines.


We enjoy what we do, and we have been doing it since 1991 serving a wide range of clientele from individuals and restaurants to large multinational corporations and legal professionals.


We’re respected in the Public Relations industry for pioneering many of the techniques that our copycat competitors are now using and we can do anything to create a brand or repair one.

Online Brand Reputation Management

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing play a such a large role now. People believe what they see on those links and most importantly they believe what they read. Damaging blogs or negative postings can ruin your company and reputation in minutes.

Reputation management has become our most sought after service and in a nutshell it’s the practice of giving people just like you a control over how their name or businesses look online. With the advent of social media and the continuing growth of the Internet, managing you and your company or brand online is more important that your will.

What is your Online Brand Reputation Worth?

Bellevue Public Relations ensures that clients achieve and maintain a powerful, positive online reputation because we care about what your image looks like. Our combination of marketing expertise and network of numerous media and social outlets as well as our SEO coding engineers all work together to ensure clients an online brand image that aligns with their goals. In other words, when people Google and Bing you, it looks like a million bucks. Gone are the days of providing this just to celebrity clients.

Build positive brand awareness Increase credibility Generate leads


What kind of links would you like Internet users to experience when they search for you or your company? We can create Yelps, Facebook Likes, Tons of traffic to a You Tube channel, positive reviews in major food sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp, as well as drop two or three magazine articles on national magazines that of course come up on the first page when people look up your brand.


A business needs a powerful, cohesive brand image to remain competitive, and irrelevant and this is a full time job now. Unflattering, or otherwise damaging online content detracts from that image and clients believe what they read on Google and click out of your website.


We protect clients with ongoing online brand reputation monitoring and maintenance. We have access to a software so powerful that we get notified seconds something negative appears on a search engine and we have time to deal with it before it begins to rank. Thats an edge our clients gladly pay us for and its only $99.99 per month.

article writing

Want to get a story about your business in a magazine?

Our one of a kind relationship with Magazine editors around the world has been built over twenty years ensuring that Bellevue Public Relations can get your angle or story in magazines nationwide while retaining ultimate control.

People believe what they read, even if its all lies

“74% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

Almost 4 out of 5 consumers who search for you online through either Google, Yahoo or Bing will trust your visible online reviews. It doesn’t matter if they are true or not. In most cases they are completely fabricated, probably by a competitor. Whether you’re a plastic surgeon being searched by a potential patient, or an attorney who is being searched consumers who search for your business online and find your reviews are most likely to trust what was said about you online, whether your reviews are true or not.